First stop in Japan tour was Tokyo, setting foot in a new country equipped with minimal linguistic skills can be a bit of a problem sometimes, for the most part the locals were only happy to help out, it seems like most popular places have some English around to help you get by, something I definitely got the hang of quickly was ending each conversation in “arigatou gozaimasu” regardless of the outcome.

Tokyo city is unlike any place i’ve been to so far, it seems even more densely populated than Singapore at times, especially at places like Shibuya crossing and pretty much every subway station. Looking out the viewing deck of Tokyo Tower made me realise how vast the city is, buildings spread out as far as the eye can see.

Getting away from the city lights and visiting some of the smaller neighbourhoods made Tokyo feel a bit more civilised with boutique stores, restaurants, cafes and of course the convenience stores. As much as I preferred the lifestyle outside of the city, the busy areas are what will keep me coming back for more.

Kawagoe tourist kimono

Meiji Shrine sake casks

Senso-ji temple

Shibuya crossing

Shimbashi restaurant customers eating

Shimokitazawa vending machines

Shinagawa station stairs

Yoyogi Village